Home course kit


  • 6 target faces
  • 2- 20cm 2-20 yard
  • 2- 35cm 21-32 yard
  • 1- 50cm 33-58 yard
  • 1- 65cm 59-80 yard
  • 12 TTA official outdoor scorecards
  • 1 TTA calling cone sticker set (3 stickers per set) Cone not included
  • TTA recommends purchasing 18” cones from home depot/Lowes/Menards etc, price will be approx. $10 each or purchase via https://www.trafficsafetystore.com/traffic-cones/orange-liteweight-18#CE18 for about $6.20 each.
  • TTA Tee distance recommendations for course distances (Yellow, White, Black)
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Full Course kit includes calling cone stickers, Course kit without calling cone stickers


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